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Santorini Spa Hotel Santorini Princess

Santorini Spa Hotels Greece - Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel Resort & Wellness Center in Imerovigli

Massage service by the pool Santorini Princess Hotel – Massage by the pool Santorini Princess Hotel Spa Santorini Princess Hotel Spa - Relaxation
Santorini Princess Spa Hotel delivers total rejuvenation, relaxation, restorative therapies, mental well-being and an incredible aura! Thrust aside all your everyday anxieties and worries by enjoying rejuvenating treatments at Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel Resort in Imerovigli, Santorini, the inspiring sanctuary for your senses, where we will make you feel brand new!

The Santorini Princess Hotel Spa is a luxury spa and wellness center overlooking the captivating Caldera! This fact contributes even more to the Santorini Princess Spa uniqueness, ambiance and quality, immaculately treating you to revitalizing spa rituals, refreshing balance, and stylish relaxation.

At the Santorini Princess Spa you we have reinvented the concept of selected spa treatments harmonized with quiet elegance and tranquillity! From the moment you enter our Santorini Luxury Spa, you will feel a relaxing and calming sensation throughout your being. The Santorini Princess Luxury Spa's aura conveys total peace and revitalization, set in warm earthy tones and soothing decorations, making it one of the finest spa hotels in Santorini Greece.

Santorini Princess Spa Hotel promotes a Smoke-Free Hotel Policy. However we do provide designated smoking areas outside the building.

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