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The Uniqueness of Santorini Princess

Santorini Princess Spa Hotel in Imerovigli Santorini Greece

Amazing sunset in Santorini Sea view from Imerovigli looking south Massage service by the pool Santorini Princess Hotel Spa
Our philosophy and primary objective is the ultimate satisfaction of our guests. This is why we have created Santorini Princess Spa Hotel, offering unique benefits, superior service, and unique characteristics as well as giving emphasis to every minute detail.
  • A distinctively designed spa overlooking the Caldera:
Santorini Princess Spa Hotel has created an incredible spa over the Caldera. The surroundings are designed to offer our guests tranquility, mental and physical wellness, in the gentle and relaxed atmosphere of Imerovigli.
You will experience total rejuvenation and relaxation after a day of special care and treatment in our spa, from our experienced and qualified staff

  • Superior Services and Authentic Greek Hospitality:
Aiming to always satisfy our guests, our swimming pool is heated, so you can enjoy it even during the cooler months (April, May & October) (30oC / 86oF).

Our hotel employs a large group of well trained staff. These individuals are dedicated professionals that will cater to all your needs and desires.

The authentic hospitality along with the services that we offer, make an excellent combination that will make your stay in our hotel a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Exceptional View and Idyllic Scenery
Santorini Princess Spa Hotel is situated in such a way that it offers unique and incomparable views of the Caldera, the surrounding landscape and of course the beautiful sunset from anywhere in our hotel. The hotel follows the traditional Cycladic architecture, offering a glimpse into the fascinating life of the island.

Elegance and luxury prevail as the surroundings are clad in marble and framed harmoniously with delicate and graceful decorations and exquisite art objects

The interior and exterior architectural design and surroundings, as well as the breathtaking view from Santorini Princess Spa Hotel will mesmerize and ‘touch’ the soul of our guests. This is the ideal location for couples and honeymooners.

  • Location
Santorini Princess Spa Hotel is located towards the end of  Imerovigli village, outside the ‘traditional community’ homes. This is quite a privileged location offering privacy, peace and quiet so you may relax. There is immediate access to the village of Fira and Oia as well as the center of the Imerovigli. Our guests have access to the hotel within a few steps and easy parking for your vehicle.

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